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How Does Reverse Osmosis Works?

Reverse osmosis water purification is a method that removes contaminants from hard water. It will produce excellent quality alkaline water that is pure for daily water consumption. And not only is it nutritious, but it will also flush out and clean up your entire system, including your kidneys. Some companies use it for industrial purposes, and hospitals use it for cooking and their patients.


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The city water treatment centers are not using reverse osmosis systems because it is too expensive to buy and maintain. ‘This is happening among restaurants too. ‘They are recycling sewage water by treating it with chlorine and other chemicals. But the chemicals remain in the water. And when boiling ‘water, and the metals that ‘are already in the water. ‘like iron, copper, lead, and aluminum will multiply.

‘This is supposed to make it safe to drink. But it’s “NOT” What a slap on the face with everyone’s recycled urine and feces while you are taking a shower!

The reason is that they cannot afford to keep reverse osmosis filtration. It is more work and too expensive to maintain. And of course, this will save the company money. ‘A better way to help them save thousands of dollars is a cheaper way. How about that.

Who cares what we drink or eat? And who is in control of this kind of behavior? Our government and other government officials. Who controls the situation for a lower cost?


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Does the government care about who eats processed chemical food or acidic bottled water? No. The reason is that they can so-call clean it more cheaply with chemicals. ‘This will work best for them to save the company money.

The president must agree that it’s safe and sign to get it approved by the FDA approval. To give it or sell it to us at a lower cost. Because it would be too expensive produce and sell us vitamin food to eat or clean water to drink?

No, because it is cheaper for them to add chemicals to give food a longer life expectancy. But what about overstocked food and water? What now more cancer when that turns into BPA contamination?

The chemicals they added to processed food to give it a longer life expectancy can’ and will hurt you in the long run. Who knows how many months or years they are stocked to sell it at low prices because of the end date?

So, what else has the government been ‘lying about and keeping it a secret from us? And they continue to use our tax dollars but not for the right; purpose. Instead, our tax dollar is ‘being ‘used for war, space exploration, and weapons of war.

Helping with processing food with vitamins is too expensive for them. Too costly for an overpopulated country. Who is the one who is signing the document to give the FDA  the approval to do anything? The ‘President, and government officials of course. But it may not be the president’s fault that the government is keeping secrets even from him of reverse engineering alien spacecraft since 1947 at area 51 and other secret underground facilities.

‘This gives me a reason to believe that there is a conspiracy going on. Why? Would you think that this is one of the reasons to kill an overpopulated world? ‘By ‘releasing a different pandemic all over the world every 10 years. ‘To kill an overpopulated world ‘perhaps with pandemics every 10 years is not a coincidence. How ironic can that be? Is it a coincidence?

No. Now, do you get my drift? (Ref: Wikipedia) (says>>The law prompted; after many reported incidents of foodborne illnesses.

Many processed foods are contaminated by E-Coli. And E-Coli causes infections that can and will kill you. E-Coli comes from animal and human waste. And how did it get in our tap water system? Because it’s recycled sewage, and that is where E-Coli grows. ‘From animal and human waste.

During the years between 2000 and 2011, there were 21,000 thousand deaths from foodborne illness. Reports of the members of the Grocery Manufacturers Association. The tainted food has cost the food industry billions of dollars in recalls, lost sales, and legal expenses.

During this pandemic’ that’ is Covid-19. There was another vaccine created by  Johnson & Johnson. That killed thousands of people already. This of course was a mistake, they said. So, how many mistakes before another million die?

And some people were dying because of blood disorders and allergic reactions to the vaccine. That is another, more discrete way to kill off the ones with blood disorders. Doing it more discreetly and not in such an inhuman way, Like Hitler, was doing to the jews. So’ that no one knows how they did it without getting caught. 

‘This, of course, can not be proven unless someone within the government blows the whistle like in other cases. Some may think I am just speculating, but again how ironic that we have been having pandemics just about every ’10 years since the 1700s and probably goes back further. Once again, do you think this is God’s punishment for mankind? No, it’s only the devil in us all to think up some evil scheme to kill an overpopulated nation and world. And especially when it comes to sacrificing lives to Satan and other deities for gain and power.


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I heard on the news that the vaccine has mutant cells. And they will replace your cells completely, taking over your entire system. Not everyone is ‘going to take the shot because of this mutant cell stuff replacing our cells is going: to do to us?

People are starting to feel the side effects and getting sick. Whenever they do something wrong: they always seem to blame it on the other side as well. Have you noticed? Believe me.

I am Concerned; about what is going to happen next. Use your logic and experience to do searches on google and, you will find lots of info on this topic and others.

Tell you what. The people at the Bohemian grove still do the sacrifice ritual in front of a 30-foot owl. This 30-foot owl is supposed to be the symbol of wisdom. ‘But, why are they also sacrificing human dummies in front of it? What if they are still doing this to real people behind closed doors?

‘This may be just my opinion but, many have already thought and said as I did. ‘That the world trade center was probably an attack by government officials to create a war for oil in Iraq.

‘Such a treacherous act against the people of the united states. And other countries for political gain and power. Sacrificing us for their gain: is not executable in the eyes of God nor mine for that matter.




‘Seems like they are worshiping Satan through human sacrifices for power to gain control of the world. Is that the reason they call it the new world order? If you look at the dollar bill, you will find the owl sitting on one of the corner leaves at the top right-hand corner. 

The dollar bill also has the pyramid in the back. This pyramid is found in the book called; The Key of Solomon ‘which means to conquer, confuse and control. King Solomon warns his son Roboam to hide the Keys and secret seals in his burial chamber with him when he passes away.

Lest it falls into the wrong hands, and that seems like it has already happened. There will be wars and destruction and chaos. Which there already is. These keys of Solomon have already been found and falling into the hands. This is the reason there are so many wars and famines going around today. And to many secret societies working together. All the members of the Bohemian Grove include the president. Governors, Senators, famous people, musicians, movie stars, artists, ext.

What King Solomon Told his Son Roboam

Message to Roboam, King Solomon’s son, was ‘to hide the keys in his Sepulcher so that the keys would fall into the wrong hands. But, again that my friends have already happened. And that is why we are having too much confusion and wars going on.

I have seen some people blaming God for their loved one’s death. But it is Satan that is the governor of this world to punish evildoers. That is who the destroyer here is, not God. God only allows him to punish the wicked, not his chosen ones. God made Satan the governor of this world for that purpose because he is a God of love now war. 

He and his watchers were only meant to watch not mingle with mankind. But they did and rebelled against God and created a race of giants from the daughters of man. Genisis: 6:4. And the sons of God went unto the daughters of man and took wives for themselves and created a race of giants.


Who is responsible for FDA Approval?

The one who is signing the petition to permit the FDA to approve anything. Would be the president, and government officials. But like I said before, the president might know everything that goes on behind closed doors either. And also, behind the same plan to kill an overpopulated world. How many years back has this been going on?

And is this part one of the reasons why people have been getting cancer? Yes! Think about how many times they have detonated the nuclear bomb. With radiation in our clouds and acid rain coming down on us. Your guess is as good as mine. And that is another part of the reason for global warming.

I have heard it many times before. ‘That the government from all nations are in agreement to kill and overpopulate the world. By way of a catastrophe event or pandemic. ‘To kill an overpopulated world.

Some organizations were ‘forced to go underground because they worship Satan by sacrificing the lives of their loved ones and babies. Some will know what organization I am talking about that was banned long ago, but they are still in business underground and still in control.


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Why We Should Drink Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is pure and nutritional and will flush all toxins out of your body, especially acidic cells ‘that are housing for cancer cells to live and grow. That is why it is good to ensure excellent quality safe drinking alkaline water for optimizable health.

Water purification is a method that removes contaminants. The contaminants that dwell in your tap water come from recycled sewage water.

Tap water has hundreds of contaminants. that are harmful to your health. Giving, viruses Gastrointestinal disease, Hepatitis C, E-Coli, Helicobacter pylori,

Bone disease, Intestinal Gastric cancer, amongst others. It is disgusting to me that they would only treat it with chlorine and other chemicals. And not with reverse osmosis systems only to shove it right back into our pipes for us to drink. And of course, the reason is to save the company money.



PFAS Contamination of Drinking Water Far More Prevalent Than Previously Reported

Our city treatment centers are recycling sewage water and sending it right back for us to drink. Saying it’s okay to drink now. But the methods they are using do not remove all the contaminants and dangerous chemicals.

Not to mention our pipes are filled with calcium and magnesium. And our city pipes are also a hundred years old or more. These pipes never get replaced until they crack or get clogged up with calcium and magnesium. 

So please do not drink tap water, known as hard water. Because’ it has over one hundred contaminants. I could understand why the astronauts drink their filtered urine. And surely I hope they are using reverse osmosis way of purifying it.

They had no choice, but this is ridiculous. The water only gets treated and is not filtered through reverse osmosis systems. They clean it with chlorine and other chemicals. And that stays in the water as well.

They do not use reverse osmosis filtration systems because it is too expensive to afford and maintain. So, they do it in a cheap way to save the company money. Chemicals in the water will only make it more toxic. To produce the water, clean enough to drink.

You would need a reverse osmosis system as far as I am concerned. If not, you will still have to deal with the chemicals that still are in the water. The chemicals stay in the water and are dangerous to your health. The rest of the metals, viruses, bacteria, and diseases the water has, are still in the water.

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To name a few contaminants

E-coli comes from sewage, copper, aluminum, lead, Magnesium, Calcium but not the kind you find in banana or milk and dairy products. Tap water will give you,

Hepatitis C.

Helicobacter pylori,

Gastrointestinal disease,

Bone disease. It Will also cause Peptic ulcer disease, Gastroesophageal reflux disease, Gastritis mucosa, Colorectal cancer, and the list goes on. 



‘There is a chemical compound called (BPA (Bisphenol A) made with plastic to make it harder. CNN reports that when a bottle of water is; left in a hot car. The chemical will leak into your water and will give you cancer. And this is what causes the plastic bottle to get softer. ‘Because some of the BPA has already leaked into your water. 

So, is it not better to have a water purification system? I have a 5 stage that I bought from Amazon. Unbelievably, it was a lot cheaper than the four stages I use to sell for Westinghouse financed for $2500.

Whew! Wow! I knew that was a big rip-off because I promote 5 stages of reverse osmosis from as little as $139 on up. I also am an affiliate for eBay where you can get them cheaper through my eBay page amongst other items.


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Alkaline water turns blue or purple when a chemical test is done on it, as you can see for yourself. Here you will see the alkaline test I had done. And it turns blue or purple depending on its alkalinity.


Alkaline water purification systems will produce the purest excellent quality water that you can drink. Springwater was, considered safe to drink a hundred years ago.

But now, the water needs to be evaluated, because of farming pesticides and herbicides. These chemicals have been released into the ground throughout the years from farming agriculture. Producing; toxic waste underground. And gases like methane.

Be safe by using reverse osmosis water purification systems. And, drinking alkaline water which is not only good for you nutritionally. It also helps flush out your kidneys and your entire system as well.

It helps with the digestive system flushing out any acidic cells that stay in your body. Acidic cells are housing for cancer cells to grow in. Alkaline water also serves as excellent plant irrigation. And when you use alkaline water to’ cook your meals, it makes a significant difference in taste.

You may have heard that there are many benefits of alkaline water. Some say it can regulate your body, ph level and prevent chronic diseases like cancer, viruses, and disease; that it can have.

Alkaline water has a high ph ‘level from 7 to 14 and is higher than tap water or any bottled drinking water. It will neutralize and kill all the acidic cells in your body that are ‘housing for cancer cells to live in and grow.

And it removes any acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to grow. That is why our body needs to get the proper nourishment from alkaline water. ‘For better functionality and optimizable health.




‘Because water purifiers are more effective in removing contaminants. ‘There are more advanced water filtration systems now from 5 up to 11 stages of reverse osmosis purifying systems.

Water purification systems have the same technologies used to purify water. Also, for commercial and industrial uses, a process that is pure and very nutritious. These filters will produce pure alkaline water.




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How to produce alkaline drinking water

Doctors all over the world are now recommending alkaline water to achieve excellent health. Alkaline water measures anywhere from 7 to 14 on a ph level.

To define what alkaline water is. We must first refer to the ph level, which is (Hydrogen potential) pure alkaline water.

Alkaline water is a type of ionized water that acts as a powerful and natural antioxidant. With the ability to help the body remove acidic cells. ‘When it’s’ produced by the process of digestion.

Alkaline water also works as a natural antacid. It helps in neutralizing acidic cells from your body. Acidic cells are housing for cancer cells to live and grow.

So, we must drink alkaline water to eliminate the acids from our bodies. It will prevent many diseases and combat common problems. ‘Like fluid retention, acid reflux, digestion, and more.

Our systems produce hydrogen alkaline water with antioxidants on a high ph level.



Alkaline is a natural antacid and neutralizes the acidity of your body. It also heals ulcers, gastric problems, and more. Alkaline is a powerful antioxidant that delays aging. Eliminating all toxins, sewage waste and improves the digestive system.

And will bring you back to optimal health. Regulates and balances the pH level of your body. Alkaline water prevents disease by better increasing the oxygenation cells in your body. ‘This is how to make drinking alkaline water by using a reverse osmosis water purifier.

Alkaline water is the key; factor in establishing and maintaining the proper alkaline balance. Since our bodies ‘are ‘made up of 70 % water, and; we need to drink enough water every day. Alkaline water also transports minerals and is nutritional ‘which requires cell metabolism

Acidic Water

As you can see for your self after I did a chemical test on a bottle of water, it turned yellow because it is acidic ‘refer” to the chart above. Of course, hopefully, we all know, and for those of us that don’t know. Our city water ‘treatment centers pipes are more than a hundred years old. The water is full of contaminants because ‘not only is it recycled sewer water but it has diseases.

Here is another reason why you should not buy bottled water. If; it is left in a hot car, the BPA that; is made with plastic as the protective layer inside of the bottle will melt and leak into your water ‘thus giving you cancer. Another reason why is when stores leave their bottled water outside the store. And not in a safe temperature environment sitting outside in the hot sun.

I took a picture of this which to me was a ‘serious health problem. This store was so overloaded with bottled water that it was sitting out in the hot sun. Then I took a picture to show everybody that this is why bottled water is not always safe to drink. For one, you don’t know where it has been or for how long it has been in the heat.


Some of the chemicals and contaminants in our city water are,

Calcium build-up





Hepatitis C

E-Coli has already ‘been ‘found in processed food. Why? Because they are using tap water while mixing their ingredients. And tap water is recycled sewage water. Bringing in E-Coli which comes from animal and human waste. So, tap water is not clean from contaminants.

And groundwater ‘was considered safe to drink 50 years ago. But ‘now it has to be tested because of farming pesticides and herbicides. ‘This is why it is in our best interest to drink alkaline water to nourish and bring our health up to par and in optimal health.


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