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Water Purification Systems
To ensure safe drinking pure alkaline water for you and your family.


Reverse osmosis water purification is a method that removes contaminants from hard water. It will produce good quality alkaline water that is pure for human consumption. Some companies use it for industrial purposes.

But the only companies that do not use it are the water treatment centers because they are recycling sewer water and then add chlorine and other chemicals that are supposed to make it drinkable. NOT! What a slap on the face with everyone’s recycled feces.

The reason why is because they cannot afford to maintain reverse osmosis filtration systems. it’s more work and more expensive. And of course, that would help the company save money. What better way than the cheaper way for them. Us? who cares what we drink.



Alkaline water is pure and nutritional and will flush out all toxins out of your body, especially acidic cells which are housing for cancer cells to live and grow in. That is why it is good to ensure good quality safe drinking alkaline water for full optimizable health.

Water purification is a method that is used to remove contaminants. The contaminants that dwell in your tap water also come from recycled sewage water.

It is disgusting to me that they would only treat it with chlorine and other chemicals, and not with reverse osmosis systems only to shove it right back into our pipes for us to drink. And of course, the reason is to save the company money.

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PFAS Contamination of Drinking Water Far More Prevalent Than Previously Reported

Our city treatment centers are recycling sewage water and sending it right back for us to drink saying it’s okay to drink now. But the methods they are using does not remove all the contaminants and dangerous chemicals. Not to mention our pipes are filled with calcium and magnesium. Our pipes are also as old as a hundred years. These pipes seem to never get replaced until they break or get clogged up with calcium and magnesium. At times the crack and other contaminants enter the pipes.

So please do not drink tap water also known as hard water. Because it has over one hundred contaminants. I could understand why the astronauts drink their filtered urine. And surely, I hope they are using reverse osmosis way of purifying it. They had no choice, but this is ridiculous. The water only gets treated not filtered through reverse osmosis systems. They clean it with Chlorine and other chemicals. And that remains in the water.

But, not with reverse osmosis filtration, because it is too expensive for them to afford the maintenance. So they do it a cheap way to save the company money. Chemicals in the water will only make it more toxic. To produce the water clean enough to drink. You would need a reverse osmosis system as far as I am concerned. If not, you will still have to deal with drinking the chemicals that remain in the water. the chlorine remains in the water and is dangerous to your health. Not to mention the rest of the metals, viruses, bacteria, and diseases the water still has because it comes from sewage.

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To name a few contaminants

E-coli, which comes from sewage, copper, and aluminum, lead, Magnesium, Calcium but not the kind you find in a banana or milk and dairy products. Viruses like Hepatitis C. Pylori, Heliobacteria, Gastrointestinal disease, Bone disease. Will, also cause Peptic ulcer disease, Gastroesophageal reflux disease, Gastritis mucosa, Colorectal cancer, and the list goes on. 






Bottled water is acidic. I have done a chemical test on bottled water. It turns yellow because of its acidity. Why? Because it is not purified with reverse osmosis. Alkaline on the other hand will turn blue or purple depending on its alkalinity. ALkaline water reaches a high ph. level from 7 to 14. And simple methods such as boiling your water or the use of household carbon filters are not enough either.

There is a chemical compound called BPA (Bisphenol A) made with plastic to make it more, harder. CNN reports that when a bottle of water is, left in a hot car the chemical will leak into your water and will cause cancer. And this is what causes the plastic bottle, to all of a sudden become softer, because some of the BPA has already leaked into your water.

So, is it not better to have a water purification system? I have a 5 stage that I bought from Amazon and believe it or not it was a lot cheaper then the 4 stages I sold for Westinghouse financed for 2500. Whew!

Reverse osmosis water purifiers come with easy-to-install instructions. And think of the money you will save every month on bottled water when you have your very own water purification system. It will take 3 years for most filters to be replaced. That will save you 3 years of buying bottled water ever again.

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Alkaline water turns blue or purple when chemically tested as you can see for yourself. This is the alkaline test I had done. And it turns blue or purple depending on its alkalinity.







Alkaline water purification systems will produce pure alkaline water. Springwater was considered safe to drink in a hundred years ago. But now the groundwater must be tested because of farming pesticides, and herbicides, and other chemicals. these chemicals have been released into the ground throughout the years of farming.

Be safe and use reverse osmosis water purification systems. By drinking alkaline water which is not only good for you nutritionally. It also helps flush out your kidneys and your entire system as well. Reverse Osmosis Purifiers.



Because water purifiers are more effective in removing contaminants. There are more advanced water filtration systems now from 5 up to 11 stages of reverse osmosis purifying systems.

Water purification systems have the same technologies used to purify water. Also, for commercial and industrial uses, a process that is pure and very nutritious.
These filters will produce pure alkaline water.

Be safe by using reverse osmosis water purification systems. By drinking alkaline water which is not only good for you nutritionally. It also helps flush out your kidneys and your entire system as well.

It helps with the digestive system flushing out any acidic cells that remain in your body. Acidic cells are housing for cancer cells to grow in. Alkaline water also serves as excellent plant irrigation. Most of all, when you use alkaline water to cook all your meals, it makes a big difference in the taste as well.

You may have heard that there are many benefits of alkaline water. Some say it can regulate your body’s pH level and prevent chronic diseases like cancer.

Alkaline water has a ph. a level from 7 to 14 which is higher than drinking water. Because of its ability to neutralize the acids in your body. And removes any acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to grow in. That is why our bodies need to get the proper nourishment from alkaline water. For better functionality and optimizable health.


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Water Purification Systems





Reverse osmosis is a technology that uses a semi-permeable membrane. to remove dissolved salts or organic molecules. The water is flowing under pressure through a membrane. which then allows the good water molecule minerals to pass by. And it prevents the dissolved salts and bacteria from passing through.

Most purified water is, disinfected for human consumption. Water purification is in use for a variety of purposes. including medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, and industrial companies. The methods used include processes that allow filtration. sedimentation processes with sand filters, or carbon.

Water purification will also reduce the concentration of particulate matter. It suspends particles, parasites, bacteria, algae, diseases. To name a few, Hepatitis C. that come from, and so many toxins. And to name a few. Aluminum, Copper, Magnesium, Arsenic, Bone disease, Chlorine, Pylori, Waterborne diseases, Pathogenic bacteria,  Calcium but not the kind you find in a banana, Gastrointestinal Disease, E-coli, Fecal Coli-forms, viruses, and fungi, and many more.

Visual inspection cannot determine if the water is of appropriate quality. Simple methods such as boiling your water or the use of household carbon filters are not enough. Not even for treating all possible contaminants that may be present in the water from an unknown source. Even natural spring water was considered safe about 40 years ago. But, now it must be tested, because of farming pesticides, and herbicides. A balance of water in your body will help in preventing diseases related to fluid imbalance. Such diseases can and will affect organs such as your kidneys, and lungs.


Reverse Osmosis


When your body fluids are balanced. The pH level measures 7.4 (alkaline) which is also the pH level of your blood when your body is in this state. For an individual to remain in a healthy state, you must remain at the 7.4 pH level. So if the level is higher it’s still even better. Alkaline levels are from 7 to 14 on the TDS scale. The chemical test for alkaline water will turn blue or purple.


This next pic of a test done on a bottle of water turns yellow because it is acidic. Acidic cells are housing for cancer cells to live and grow in. So, that being said. It is better to use in a reverse osmosis purifier, so that way you won’t have to pay for bottled water every month. Think of how much you can save monthly even yearly from ever getting bottled water again.

Even spring water has to be tested because of farming pesticides and herbicides seeping into the ground.

Purified water has several benefits. such as it purifies it will remove any inorganic minerals. And, helps with the risk of getting cancer and the removal of toxins and its fresh taste. Alkaline water will also remove any acidic cells in your body that are housing for cancer cells to live and grow in. Again this is why it is great to drink and enjoy the benefits of alkaline water.

Is tap water safe to drink?

That is a definite no. This is why. There are over 100 contamination’s in our water today. And all that our treatment centers are doing is just that, treating the water. With chlorine and other chemicals. But that water they are treating is also coming from your toilet. Yes, that’s right, they are treating sewage water and sending it right back into our pipes for us to drink. When I first found this out not only was I discussed, but furious at the fact that they would result in this like there is no water left in the world to go get but sewage to treat, yuk!

And this is why there are so many contaminants and disease waste going through our pipes. But with a reverse osmosis system, not only will it flush your entire system. But will also flush out your kidneys and kill all acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to grow in.


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