This is my experience before I joined the wealthy affiliate university. I had a hard time going through life having trouble finding a job. And being able to keep a job at the way things were going back in those days was not easy and often hard labor. Times were hard. Plus, if you have a good college degree you could find a better high-paying job, right? But there is still a chance you might get laid off. There are no permanent job guarantees. Even the president can only keep his job for 4 years unless he gets re-elected. 

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So, I decided to go back to taking college courses and learn a little I.T. and graphics design. I then finally started to see if I could do something about building my own website. But at that time, I was having a problem finding some way to join something. I was still fresh about computers knew nothing about searching online. So, I tried anyway. I did search as much as possible online. My first computer was a Packard Bell Windows 95 and was zealous for knowledge.


Now like I was saying; I could go to work at a good high-paying job. But you still must hunt for one. Looking for a job is never an easy task. I again decided to look for other options to find a way to make money where I can be my own boss. So, I decided to build a website. Not sure how I was going to go about doing it but I sure was searching for answers.

After getting a few emails about marketing I fell for a few that were not working too well for me. Until I got an email from a wealthy affiliate. 7-day free lessons with a free website were, what it said. I said to myself oh what the heck, let’s give it a whirl.

And decided to give it a try since I didn’t have to join and still get to keep my website at no charge.
At first, I thought this was one of those others that might not work for me. But not only do they teach well on how you can build your own website. You have so many members that are there to help you when you need help.

And having WordPress to work with was wonderful to have and was the next best thing to work with. Building your website with WordPress is not hard at all. No need to go to taking college courses for I.T. because you will learn how to do that here as well it. With step-by-step videos on how to do it. And it feels so good to be your own boss. You will have complete control and no boss no one there to write you up for being late or taking a break. It’s just you and your computer.

And you work whenever you want or whenever you can. No more traveling to work back and forth. Because I’m right here at my home base business already set up for me. The video lessons are not hard at all. And you can always go back to review the video again if you want.

As far as I have seen and search. There are classes that cost thousands to teach how to build website design and more. But the price that wealthy affiliate charges are very affordable. On a monthly payment plan. There is also a bonus yearly plan that you get if you join within the 7-day lessons. So, I now had the opportunity to save myself some money. the thing was still going back to looking for a job on I.T. or graphics design.


As far as I have seen how many online classes cost like in the thousands. I like the price that wealthy affiliates had on a monthly payment plan, but instead, I took the yearly premium plan which is much cheaper by the year. It is a special bonus yearly plan which I jumped on right away before the 7 day period ended. But you must join before the 7 day free lessons end.

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At first, I thought this was one of those others that might not work for me. After the first and second days, I joined. I not only learned how to build my own website, but there are also others there willing to help you. There are so many members that are there to help when you need help. And having WordPress to work with was the next best thing. Knowing that I had complete control. No boss and no one there to write you up for being late or taking a break.


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