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Now that we know that the city water treatment centers are recycling sewage water. And they are also sending it right back to us to drink. But now, we also know those water purification systems. Can also produce pure good quality alkaline water. It goes through membrane filtration that removes all dangerous chemicals and metals. Plus, the rest of the contaminants that it may contain.


And there are over a hundred contaminants in our tap water. From metals to viruses and chemicals. That causes diseases like cancer, gastrointestinal disease, bone disease, and hepatitis c. Metals like, calcium, magnesium, aluminum, copper, arsenic, fluoride, and the list goes on.


The water treatment centers are using chlorine and other chemicals. And, that is not good enough. Because of the chemicals and metals that remain in the water.


That being said we need a higher source of good quality drinking water. So our best bet would be to invest in reverse osmosis water purification systems. Do not drink tap water because of the chemicals and metals that tap water contains. Not to mention, viruses and diseases.


Using recycled sewage water is much more dangerous. Due to all the viruses and diseases that it already has in it. When I first found out that the city water treatment centers are recycling sewage water. The thought disgusted me. And decided to warn others about the dangers of drinking tap water.


Arsenic, Chlorine, Zinc, Copper, Aluminum, and Lead Calcium but, not the kind you will find in bananas or milk.

Hepatitis C.

Gastrointestinal disease, E-coli, Magnesium, and the list go on. This is why it is advisable not to drink tap water. Nor groundwater without being tested for pesticides, and herbicides.


Most of the reasons why they are not using reverse osmosis systems. is because reverse osmosis is too expensive to buy and maintain. So, to save the company money, they do it the cheap way. Who cares what people drink? Sure, so they want us to drink everyone’s recycled urine and feces. Yuk! Plain straight out nasty is my opinion about this wrongdoing to society.


To: save the company money. ? Who wants to drink tap water after finding out that it’s from everyone else’s recycled urine and feces? With all sorts of contaminations. This is why tap water is dangerous. There is no better way to purify your water, than with a reverse osmosis system.


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Bottled Water

I have done a chemical test on bottled water and alkaline water. And found that the bottled water turns yellow because it is acidic. Alkaline water turns blue or purple because of its alkalinity.


Acidic water is not good enough to drink because acidic cells are housing for cancer cells to live and grow. I also found that when the bottle of water gets overheated. Whether in a hot car, or place, the BPA they make the plastic with will leak into your water. Thus, causing cancer.


What about the bottled water that is, delivered on 18-wheelers from across the country? Do you know how long they have been in a hot truck all those days and hours of travel?


Here is another thing that can go wrong with bottled water. I had taken a picture of a grocery store that had no room for bottled water inside the store. So, they stacked it along the side of the hot sidewalk in the hot sun.


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BPA is a chemical compound that’s made with plastic to make it firm and as the protective inside layer. BPA” is approved by the FDA. But now that we found out what happens to bottled water when it becomes overheated.


So, my advice is not to drink that overheated water. And of course, you will not be able to tell if it has been in a hot truck or placed hot storage area. So be careful. If you prefer to buy a 5-gallon of bottled water.

Buy the 5-gallon plastic bottle that has the label on it that says BPA Free. If you get your water from those distiller machines. That is not good enough. Distilled water is usually boiled water. What that does is boil all your natural nutrients that are in the water and multiply the metals already in it.


But again, that water is also acidic. And as it has been proven, acidic water is housing for cancer cells to live and grow. But this will have to do till you get a reverse osmosis water purifier.


And yes that would be your best bet if you invest in a water purification system. Your system will be free from the acidic cells that are housing cells to live and grow.

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Alkaline Water

Water purification systems produce alkaline water.


Alkaline water has a high ph. level from 7 to 14. Reverse osmosis water purification systems. Are the best way to purify your water. Because of the process of filters and membrane that it goes through.


I use to work for Westinghouse and their 4 stage filtration systems were too high on finance at $2400. So I decided to be an affiliate for Amazon and eBay to sell them at a much more affordable price. To ensure safe drinking of pure good quality alkaline water. For you and your family to bring you back to optimal health.


Alkaline water will flush out your body from all acidic cells. And will flush out your kidneys as well. You will also find that it will also help when you whe constipated.


Springwater uses to be safe to drink long ago. But now that the farming industry is using pesticides and herbicides. So, groundwater must be tested for safe for consumption as well.


Alkaline water altogether will give you a big boost and make you energetic all day long. That is why drinking alkaline water is particularly important for your body. To get you back into optimizable health.





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