I used to remember how I always wanted to make it big someday and had the desire to be either a scientist or lawyer. My life did not go quite the way I planned. But every mistake I made I would chalk it up for the experience. Every time I fell, I got right back up on my feet.

I struggled most of my life but still was able to get a high school Diploma till later the years when I decided to finish my college I took college courses for I.T. and was able to take graphic design classes online as well. When I was young, I loved art and dreamed of painting build boards at the time. But as I got older of course that never happened either. So, all I could do was move forward going from job to job trying to make ends meet.

I was always listening to the older folks give me advice which I took, and learned a little from them as well. Always respected my elders and those who don’t shame on them. Well, I still went on from job to job looking for that right career and never felt comfortable with anyone of them so far. Till I found something that I been always wanted to do.only that I like to do. And that was to create my own website. My interest in this peaked in 1995 when I first bought my first Packard bell computer.

I started looking for ways to join work at home programs that could help me make build my own website. I went through a few of them till I came across Wealthy Affiliate. And I must say it beats taking IT classes because I learned faster this way and not only is it easy to understand, it was also fun. So, this is what I have been waiting for all my life. A career that I knew I loved to do.

Was working for Westinghouse for a that sold water purification systems for homes, and business. And I had already known how to sell their products. Only thing is, once you run out of leads you do what they call in Australian walkabout. Walking from door to door neighborhoods. Till I came across a way to work from home through Wealthy affiliate. I have expanded my services to help others get the product my company sells at a wholesale price. And a lot more affordable, and easy to install underneath your sink.



The reason for me wanting to help others is simple. We have a water systems problem. With over a hundred contaminants that have been found in our tap water. Since my job is to not only chemically test all water from the ground to bottled water, I have decided to give out the information to people who are in need to know the truth about how our city treatment center has been recycling sewage water. Sending it right back into our pipe for us to drink saying it’s ok to drink now because it has been cleaned. And that is all they are doing. Just cleaning it. Not by reverse osmosis because that would be too expensive. They do it the cheat way to save the company money.

My website has many products but the main product of my concern for our good health is water purification systems. And when you have one of these. Not only will it produce alkaline water, but it will also clean your entire system out and kill acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to grow in. That is why I am concerned for everyone’s health.



The goal of my site is to make sure we all get to know what to do about this nasty water problem And to teach others that our city water suppliers are not only using chlorine and fluoride to clean it. But their systems still do not filter out e-Coli. And the rest of the contaminants.

E-Coli comes from sewer water. Yes, so you would know right now that hard water is also known as your tap water from your faucet. And returning recycled sewage water right back into our pipes is still nasty to me.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


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