Nutritional Alkaline Water

Doctors; all over the world are now recommending alkaline water. To achieve excellent health, regulate and balance the pH level of your body. Alkaline water prevents disease by increasing the oxygenation cells in your body.

‘Thus reverse osmosis is the best thing to get because all bottled water is acidic. And tap water contains more than a hundred contaminants.

Second of all, to define what alkaline water is. We have to, first of all, refer to the pH level, which is (Hydrogen potential) in pure alkaline water.

Moreover, alkaline water acts as a powerful and natural antioxidant. With the ability to help the body remove acidic cells. ‘When it’s’ produced by the process of digestion.

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Alkaline water also works as a natural antacid. Thus it helps in neutralizing acidic cells in your body. Acidic cells are housing for cancer cells to grow. Thus, making it harder for you to keep in good excellent health.

Not only does alkaline work as a natural antacid, but It also neutralizes the acid from your body. It also heals ulcers, gastric problems, and more.

Alkaline is a powerful antioxidant that delays aging. This results in eliminating all acids from your body, improving the digestive system.

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We must drink alkaline water to get back into optimal health. It will prevent many diseases and combat common problems. That will most likely; be impossible to get rid of without alkaline water.

‘Like fluid retention, acid reflux, digestion problems, and more. And besides, our system produces hydrogen-alkaline water. With antioxidants on a high pH level.

The water treatment centers are recycling sewage water and sending it right back to us to drink.  This is why they call it hard water which has over a hundred contaminants.

Between the years 2000 and 2011, there were 21,000 deaths from foodborne illnesses. And there are 5,000 more deaths each year. Why you might say. E-Coli ended up in food-processed packages. E coli comes from human and animal waste. Read more.

Alkaline water is the key; factor in establishing and maintaining the proper balance. Since our bodies ‘are ‘made up of 70 % water, we need to drink enough water every day. Alkaline water also transports minerals and’ is nutritional which requires cell ‘metabolism.’

Water purification methods is a process that removes contaminants from tap water through a membrane filtration system. A reverse osmosis water purifier will remove all the bacteria and contamination from tap water.

Alkaline water will flush out your entire system, flushing out your kidneys as well, and is nutritional to drink for your body. Our body needs water, and what better way than to give it the good nutrients from alkaline water?

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The water passes through filtration membranes to remove all metals and contaminants. Thus ‘filtering out all inorganic minerals that are hazardous to your health. ‘Having a reverse osmosis water purifier produces pure alkaline water.

That will kill all acidic cells that: are housing for cancer cells to grow. Reverse osmosis does not use chemicals to clean and whiten the water as the city water treatment centers do.

“The city water treatment centers’ are recycling sewage water and sending it right back to us to drink. We are in danger of getting so many viruses and foodborne illnesses through tap water.

Recycled sewage water is not what I want to drink. E coli is in tap water because it comes from sewage water that ‘is ‘contaminated by animal and human waste.


Bottled Acidic Water

As you can see for your self after I did a chemical test on a bottle of water. It turned yellow because it is acidic ‘refer” to the chart above. Of course, we all know. But for those of us that don’t know.

Our city’s underground pipes are more than a hundred years old. Not only is it recycled sewage but has over a hundred contaminants.

PFAS Contamination of Drinking Water Far More Prevalent Than Previously Reported

Here is another reason why you should not buy bottled water. If left in a hot car. The BPA will leak into your water. The BPA is the inside protective layer of the bottle. And it will leak into your water ‘thus giving you cancer.


Another reason is when stores leave their bottled water outside the store.  Because of overstocked products. And not in a safe temperature environment where it stays cool. Instead, they have them sitting outside in the hot sun.


‘I took a picture of this which to me was a ‘serious health problem. These bottles had been sitting in the hot sun for days.

Then I took a picture to show everybody that this is why bottled water is not always safe to drink. For one, you don’t know where it has been or for how long it has been in the heat.

Some of the chemicals and contaminants in our city water are,

Calcium build-up





Hepatitis C

Gastrointestinal disease

Like I said before, E. coli has already ‘been ‘found in processed food. Because they are using tap water to process food. Bringing in E-Coli which comes from animal and human waste. So, tap water is not clean from contaminants.


Besides, groundwater ‘was considered safe to drink 50 years ago. But ‘now it needs testing because of farming pesticides and herbicides. ‘This is why it is in our best interest to drink alkaline water. To nourish and bring our health up to par and in optimal health.


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  1. Great tips! This is intriguing stuff, that I’ve been thinking about for a while. 

    Plastic water bottles always bother me so much, I don’t trust them to be free of particle plastic. Similarly, I don’t always trust tap water, though I want to. I’ve heard good things about alkaline water, and this further reinforces my perception. My main question is this – what is the most affordable reverse osmosis device that you know of? How does this compare to simpler water filtering like Brita Filters?

    Thanks again! 

  2. This is very important to every people living. Water is 75% of our body. The more you drink clean and purified water the better for our own healthy. What you shared has so much value. I will bookmark this for future use.
    I always has a question that I don’t seem to find an answer to, You will find that when you have a loss of water, doctors will ask you to drink salt water, Why?

  3. Thanks for your comment Sunewako but to tell you the truth I would not know why would a doctor tell you that to drink salt water when salt will dehydrate you more. I looked it up and here is what I found on drinking salt water to asnwer your question.

    What happens when we drink salt water?

    What are the side effects of drinking salt water?You’re also most likely to feel nauseaweakness and even delirium. As you become more dehydrated, the coping mechanism fails. If you still don’t drink any water to reverse the effects of excess sodium, the brain and other organs receive less blood, leading to comaorgan failure and eventually death.

  4. Excellent information about Alkaline water.

    When doing research I found people selling water systems from Japan costing $2500-$8500 that turns water into Alkaline. I understand how bad tap water is. I use the filtration systems that take out a lot of contaminants, and I’m also interested in boosting the Alkaline level in my water to reap the benefits of antioxidants for clean blood and healthy cells.

    I’d like to explore making Alkaline water from a reverse osmosis machine. What is the cost of that, Tony?

    Health is so important. If you have your health, you have everything.


  5. Your right Mike I  worked for a company that sold their full systems that produce both soft and alkaline for the house and commercials but they were expensive around $6.900. The four-stage filters were 2500. That is why I  decided to go into the business myself because I personally felt people were getting reaped off. So I  have 2 eBay sites that sell very cheap reverse osmosis 5 stages for far less. I  bought mine for 56 dollars a few months back from my own website lol. Just go to my website at com And look it underwater reverses osmosis or just filters. But if you want a product from other sources I have them all linked to that same website. Feel free to browse around sir.

  6. Yes, I know I use to work for Westinghouse and their 4 stage reverse osmosis filters are 2500 dollars. This way I could direct people to an affordable price.

  7. As for the most affordable reverse osmosis system is concerned. I bought an all-in-one reverse osmosis system that only cost me around $79 here>> It is a faucet screw-on type so that you won’t have to install anything. Just screw it onto your tap water faucet. That is cheap considering that is a 5 stage one filtration system. But if you are looking for cheaper ones I have a special website for eBay products. >>> It might say do you mean but just continue with the one without the s at the end system. Look for it under reverse osmosis. There are a variety of eBay products on that website so feel free to browse around.

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