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King Solomon’s message and Warning to his son

Roboam to bury his Key, and secret seal with him in his grave.

Ref: add, MSS. 10862, “The Key of Solomon

Solomon said: Hear, O my son, and receive my sayings, and learn the wonders of God. For, on a ‘certain night, when I laid me down to sleep. I called upon the holiest name of God, IAH, and ‘prayed for the Ineffable Wisdom, and ‘when I was beginning to close mine eyes, the Angel of the 

Lord, even Homadiel, appeared unto me, and spoke many things courteously unto me, and said: Listen, O Solomon, the prayer before the Most-High is not in vain, and since thou has asked neither for long life nor for much riches, nor the souls of thy enemies, but hast asked for thyself wisdom to perform justice.

Thus, saith the Lord: According to ‘thy word, I have ‘given unto thee a wise and understanding heart, so that before thee was none like unto thee, nor ever shall arise.

Therefore, my son, thou mayest see every experiment of mine or others. Let everything be properly ‘prepared for them, as thou shalt see properly’ set down by me, both day and hour, and all things necessary: For without this, there will be but falsehood and vanity in this my work. 

Wherein are the ‘hidden all secrets and mysteries which ‘can be performed, and that which is ‘set down concerning single divination or a single experiment, that same I think concerning all things which are in the Universe, and which have been, and which shall be in future time.

Therefore, my son Roboam, I command thee by the blessing which thou expectest from thy father, that thou shall make an Ivory Casket, and therein place, keep, and hide this my “Key.” When I shall have passed unto my fathers, I entreat thee to place the same in my Sepulcher beside me, lest at another time it might fall into the hands of the wicked. And as Solomon commanded, so was it done.

And then, therefore (men) had waited for a long time, there came unto the Sepulcher certain Babylonian Philosophers, and when they had assembled they at once took counsel together that a certain number of men should renew the Sepulcher in King Solomons honor and when the Sepulcher was dug out and repaired the Ivory casket was discovered and therein was the Key of Secrets,

in which they took with joyful mind, and when they had opened it none among them could understand it on account of the obscurity of the words and their Occult arrangement, and the hidden character of the sense and knowledge, for they were not worthy to ‘possess this treasure.”

This my friends have already happened of the keys have fallen into the wrong hands. And this is why we are having all these wars, confusion, and being controlled by.

These secret ‘seals have been activated and are using them for power and control over us. Now I know what the new world order is “about.” They are using the seals of Solomon to control the world and ‘to obtain whatever they want. To war, ‘and ravage other countries for more power control, and self-glorification and greed.

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‘If any of you read the Bible about King Solomon, son of David. He was more than a genius at wisdom. He was also a wizard of the magical arts. Wow. These are some of the reasons why some books were removed and banned from the bible. And why it is called the King James version, which means they revised it.

They took out some words band the book of Enoch and added some theirs to cover up the truth. I have read the bible twice, and I know about many tells about the giants who were born half human and half angels, from Genesis 6:4. Where it says, “and the sons of God came unto the daughter of men and made wives for themselves. And more about dragons as well. I cannot tell you where exactly that is, but you can look that up under the name Leviathan.

A sea creature that did breathe out the fire to roast his meals. But that is another topic I will draw upon at another time when I finish the post. But this is about King Solomon telling his son Roboam That when he dies, to bury his secret Key, and seal it with him in his burial chamber. Lest’ it falls into the wrong hands.

That’ my friend has already been ‘discovered. ‘And this is why we see so many wars and famine happening. ‘Conquering other nations turning against each other for the sake of oil, land, and power. ‘And, there is a symbol on our dollar bill that represents a pyramid.

But that is no ordinary pyramid. In King Solomons Book of the keys, it says that the pyramid is one of his magical seals which, means to conquer, confuse and control. Do you think that this is part of the new world order? Anyways, the symbol works as a talisman.

If we carry it in our pockets’ it takes control of our carnal instincts for the desire to want more. And if someone tries to take it from you, would you not kill for it if you had a gun in your hand? Well, here is where one of the verses in the bible. The root of all evil is the love of money. It’s not the root evil is money, that is wrong it is the love of money is the root of all evil.

That is what that seal is ‘used to do. But I am only enlightening you about a few ‘not trying to make this too long but interesting enough for you to read on to my other website where I talk deeper into the subject about it at




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