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Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems

Reverse osmosis purifying systems ‘are a technology that uses a semi-permeable membrane. Alkaline water will remove all dissolved ‘salts ‘and inorganic molecules. That has contaminated the water.


The water runs under pressure through 5 to 11 filters. Thus, It will allow all the good’ water molecules, but not the dissolved salts, bacteria.


Water purification removes inorganic materials and biological contaminants. The purpose of water purification is to provide pure and safe drinking water. Water purification also meets the needs of medical, pharmacological, chemical, and industrial companies.


When you invest in a home water filtration system. You’re investing in your and your family’s good health. You will see why when you continue to read this article about the polluted water crisis we have.

Reverse Osmosis Purification


City water treatment centers

Furthermore, the City water treatment centers are recycling sewage water. With all sorts of chemicals. Enough to say that it is not drinkable.

Thus, when I found this out, I was furious and had to tell the world about it. Also, there are over a hundred contaminants and metals in tap water.

‘Thus, this is why we must rely on reverse osmosis water purification systems. To ensure good safe drinking quality alkaline water; for you and your family.



Thus, This is not good at all. Besides, who wants to drink tap water after finding out it comes from recycled sewage? Wow, what a slap on the face with everyone’s recycled urine and feces while taking a shower

It’s true because we have to take a shower with this water. Unless you have a water softener with a reverse osmosis system attached.

As I said before. First, the treatment centers are only adding chemicals. To whiten it with chlorine, fluoride, and alum. Moreover, those chemicals will remain in the water and it’s not safe to drink? As far as I know, It is not drinkable at all for me.

That’s nasty! I can see and understand why the astronauts must drink their filtered urine. Because they have no choice. And they are using a sophisticated reverse osmosis machine. But we do have a choice, and I prefer alkaline water myself.

Thus, When you invest in a reverse osmosis system, you can’t go wrong. Furthermore, you won’t have to buy any more bottled water. Think of how much money you will save a month having your water purification systems. Like I said before, these pipes do not get replaced till something bursts or leaks. Due to too much build-up.


Is tap water safe to drink or contaminated?

So, as I have said before, thus, tap water got tested. And has over a hundred contaminants that will cause viruses and diseases. To name a few they are. Hepatitis-C





Aluminum, copper, lead, arsenic, E-coli comes from sewage water and will kill you as well.


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About plastic bottled water

Furthermore, Let me start by saying that. BPA is also known as Bis-phenol-A, an industrial chemical compound. BPA is a chemical compound. They make plastic with BPA. To give it more firmness. And as the protective layer of the inside bottles and cans. ‘This includes baby bottles. The FDA approved it. But recent research and studies have proven it to be cancerous.

Moreover, CNN news has already told us that it is not a good idea to drink water. After a plastic bottle that has been: left in a hot car. They found out that the protective layer is not so protective after all. The BPA will leak into your water. And this is how it will give you cancer.

The standards for drinking good quality water are set by the government. Also, by international standards. Furthermore, these standards usually include concentrations of contaminants. 

This water is not safe or even drinkable without it hurting you in the long run. As; far as research and studies are, concerned E-Coli is in tap water and is an infectious disease. That will kill. Also, E-Coli is a disease that comes from animal and human waste.

Thus, simple procedures such as boiling your water. Or’ the carbon screw-on filters for your faucet are not enough. Thus when you boil water. It will kill some of the bacteria but will also ‘kill the good minerals in the water.

Furthermore, the lead and metals will be ‘multiplied. And you will still be drinking these metals that remain dead in the water with contaminants.

Even natural fresh spring water was safe in the 1800s but now it’s got to get tested. The reason why is because of agriculture farming with pesticides and herbicides. But I have the solution to our city’s dirty water problems.



 Alkaline Water

The solution is to invest in a reverse osmosis water purifier. ‘This will produce the best quality alkaline water. Water purification systems are great to invest in. Thus, the best you can have, and this is why. How much-bottled water do you buy a month? Consider this. You can save that money by buying a water purification system. It is easy to install underneath your sink with easy instructions. 

Subsequently, when body fluids become balanced. The ph. level of the body measures alkalizes and is also the ph level of the blood. For an individual to remain in a good healthy state, it is best for the body’s ph. to remain at a higher alkaline level.

Alkaline water will flush out your system and kidneys. It will also kill any acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to grow.




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