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About Me Page



I used to remember dreaming about making it big someday. ‘And had the desire to be either a scientist or lawyer. My life did not go quite the way I planned. But every mistake I would make, I would chalk it up to the experience.

 Every time I fell, I got back on my feet and “keep moving forward till I succeed. I always learned through my mistakes too.

 I struggled most of my life and later learned how to work at different factories. ‘When I decided to finish taking college courses for I.T. ‘Because I had “an interest in creating my website from scratch. Why I.T.? Because I always wanted to create” my websites.

When I was young, I loved art and dreamed of painting building boards at the time. Later on, when I grew up, that never happened either. So all I could do was move forward no matter what.


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I always listened to the older folks talk and learned a little from them. I always respected my elders and those who did not shame them. Well, I still went from job to job looking for that right career and never felt comfortable with any of them until I found something I liked and loved to do.

I started looking for ways to join work-at-home programs that could help me make ends meet. I had been through a couple of them till I came across Wealthy Affiliate.

And I must say it beats taking I.T. classes because I learned faster this way, and not only is it easy to understand, but it is also fun. So, this is what I have wanted all my life. A job that not only am I going to enjoy but have fun with, as well.

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I had been working for a company that sells water purification filters for homes or businesses. And I had already known how to sell their products. The only thing is, once you run out of leads, you do what they call in Australia a walkabout.

I was walking the neighborhoods, door-to-door stuff. So now that I have come across a way to work from home, I have expanded my services to help others get the product my company sells affordable and easy to install under your sink.





The reason for my wanting to help others is simple. We have a water systems problem nowadays with how many contaminants are found in our city water supply.


Since my job is to not only chemically test all water from the ground to bottled water, I have also decided to give out the information people need to know and how to fix this problem.

My website has many products, but the main effect of my concern for our good health is water purification systems. And when you have one of these.

It will produce alkaline water, clean your entire system out, and kill acidic cells that are housing cancer cells from growing. That is why I am concerned for everyone’s health.


 The goal of my site is to make sure we all get to know what to do about this water problem we have. And to expose the city water treatment centers that recycle sewage water and send it back to us to drink.

They only use chlorine and fluoride to clean the water, but the chemicals remain in the water and still do not filter out the hundreds of contaminants. Some are E-Coli that comes from human and animal waste.

Yes, E-Coli comes from sewer water. This is why they call tap water hard water. This is why it is essential to test the water we are about to drink, whether tap or groundwater.

Groundwater is contaminated because of farming pesticides and herbicides. The chemical sinks deep into the ground and contaminates the water, thus making it dangerous to drink.


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