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How to Produce Alkaline Water

Nowadays, we require a higher source of good pure quality drinking water. Water that is pure for human consumption will be great for our immune system. And it uses to be that we could drink from spring water 50 years ago. But, because of the water crisis during those last few years of drought and so on, we have not only become short of water. But groundwater is also contaminated by Industrial, farming pesticides, and herbicides. This is why we test our groundwater and streams as well.

The only way to have a clean source of good quality water would be to invest in a water purification system. Alkaline water is purified through reverse osmosis. So you do not have to worry about acidic water being in it, unlike bottled water. It turns yellow when a chemical test is done on it because it is acidic. Alkaline turns blue or purple because of its high alkalinity level from 7 to 14.

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Reverse osmosis systems will produce alkaline water that is pure for human consumption. Alkaline water would be that answer. Simply because of its alkalinity on the ph level scale. Alkaline water reaches a ph level of 7 to 14. And it is used for several purposes. 

Some use it for industrial purposes. Hospitals use it for their purposes. And doctors recommend alkaline water for consumption.

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Water purification is a method that is, used to remove all metals and contaminants. The contaminants in our tap water come mostly from recycled sewage water. It is a disgusting thing to me that they would only treat it with chlorine and fluoride. to send it right back for us to drink. And it has more than a hundred contaminants in it. That is why these are the reasons why we should always test the water every water we may be drinking whether groundwater or stream water.

The city water treatment centers do not use reverse osmosis because it is too expensive to buy and maintain. So, they would rather do it the cheaper way to save the company money. Nothing is worse than a cheap scape company that cares not for the community but for their gain.

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What about Tap Water?

Like I said before. Our city water treatment centers are recycling sewage water and running it right back to us to drink. Our pipes are at least a hundred years old or more. As you can see what the picture looks like below. These pipes do not get replaced until they break or get clogged with magnesium and calcium. And that is where all these metals come from because’ of mold, calcium, iron, rust, lead, aluminum, and copper.

Drinking tap water is dangerous to your health. Also known as hard water. Because it has over one hundred contaminants. And these contaminants include metals and chemicals. I can understand why the astronauts drink their filtered urine and feces. But this is ridiculous, and surely, the astronauts were most likely using reverse osmosis to turn it into alkaline. 

The astronauts had no choice in drinking their recycled feces and urine. But we do and we deserve the best of good water quality to get back into optimizable health.

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The water only gets treated. And’ not filtered through reverse osmosis systems. Treated with chemicals like chlorine and fluoride, among other chemical processes. it goes through. But those chemicals remain in the water. Including metals like copper, aluminum, zinc, iron, magnesium, and calcium but not the kind you will find in milk, or a banana. Recycled sewage water comes with diseases. A few are E-Coli that comes with sewage water and will cause cancer. Other viruses and diseases are Gastric cancer, gastrointestinal disease, hepatitis c, heliobacteria pylori, cholestatic cancer, and the list goes on.

So being that the city only uses chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals. All those chemicals remain in the water. And the metals multiply when you boil the water. And even if some bacteria that is killed will remain in your water dead. You would still be drinking it. But they do not use

reverse osmosis filtration because it is too expensive for them to afford and maintain. They do it a cheap way to save the company money. The reason they will not take from the ocean because it is required to use a reverse osmosis process to remove the sand and sediments, and that is even more expensive to do. They would have to run underground pipes throughout the cities and states. Probably over a trillion-dollar budget. Well, somewhere in that range anyway, maybe more.

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Is bottled water safe to drink?

Bottled water is acidic. I did a chemical test on bottled water. And it turns yellow because of its acidity. Why? Because it is not, purified with reverse osmosis. Simple methods such as boiling your water or using household carbon filters are not enough. Simply because boiling will multiply the metals already in it. And the bacteria that it kills remains in the water as well.

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What is BPA?

There is a chemical compound called BPH made with plastic for the inside protective layer and it makes it firmer. But, when the bottle of water is, left in a hot car the chemical will leak into your water and will cause cancer. So, your best bet would be to own a Reverse osmosis water purification system. And think of the money you will save every month on bottled water when you have your very own alkaline water purification system.

Alkaline Water

Alkaline water turns blue or purple according to its alkalinity. Alkaline water purification systems will produce pure alkaline water. On a high alkaline level from 7 to 14, depending on its alkalinity. Springwater was, considered safe to drink a couple of hundred years ago. But now, it should be tested, for contamination. Because of farming pesticides, and herbicides, and other chemicals. Therefore, the chemical sinks into the ground and contaminates it. The years of farming and agriculture have done damage to the ecosystem as well. And stay saturated into the ground producing toxic waste and methane gases.


Be safe and use a reverse osmosis

Purification system. By drinking alkaline water. It will flush out your kidneys and flush out your entire system. And kill any acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to live and grow. It is nutritional for you as well. And will bring you back to optimal health. 

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Why invest in a water purification system?

Purification system. By drinking alkaline water. It will flush out your kidneys and flush out your entire system. And kill any acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to live and grow. It is nutritional for you as well. And will bring you back to optimal health. 

 Because these water purifiers are effective in removing dangerous contaminants from the water. There are more advanced water filtration systems called reverse osmosis water purifiers. Water purification systems have the same technologies used to purify any water. Commercial and industrial companies use this same process to purity their water. By using a reverse osmosis water purification system

And drinking alkaline water, not only does it flush out your kidneys. It’s also nutritional and will kill all acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to live and grow in. 

It also helps flush out your kidneys and your entire system as well. It helps with the digestive system flushing out any acidic cells in your that remain in your body. Alkaline water also serves as excellent plant irrigation. And will make a big difference in the taste after cooking with it.


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