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When you drink good quality pure alkaline water you’re not only getting your whole system flushed out but your kidneys as well. It will also remove any acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to grow and live in. Here is a test I have done of a bottle of water. The chemical test shows that it turned yellow because it is acidic. And it doesn’t matter the brand name, all plastic bottled water is acidic.  Of course, they say you can boil water and it cleans it up. But it still leaves the dead bacteria and chemicals but it still remains dead in your water and the heat will multiply the metals in it.

When alkaline water is tested, it turns blue or purple. That is because it is on a high alkaline level from 7 to 14. 

Why Drink Alkaline Water?

Because of the ph. the level is on a scale from 7 to 14. And it is not only nutritious for us to drink, but it also kills acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to grow in. Acidic water is to blame for this happening as well. Acidic water is found in plastic water bottles that are also just being treated without a reverse osmosis water purifier.

Reverse osmosis purifiers are a technology that uses a semi-permeable membrane. It will remove dissolved salts or organic molecules. The water runs under pressure through the 4 or 5 membrane filters. I personally, prefer 5 stage reverse osmosis purifiers. It will allow the water molecules, but, not the dissolved salts, bacteria, and chemicals.

Benefits of drinking alkaline water

The benefits of drinking alkaline water will not only help flush out your kidneys and system. But will also kill all acidic cells that are housing for cancer cells to grow in. 

A five-stage RO system purifier is good to have but if you really want to upgrade it we also have 10 stages Ro water system purifier. You can’t go wrong when you invest your money on a Ro water purifier.

Reverse Osmosis Purification Systems



First of all, If you decide to buy plastic bottles for your dispenser.  Look for the kind that has the little red label on it saying BPA Free. There has been some research on bottled water. The plastic bottle is made with a chemical compound called BPA. Bisphenol-A which will leach into the water and will cause cancer, especially when left in a hot car. Tap water contains several contaminants, to name a few they are fluoride, calcium, magnesium, aluminum, copper, mercury. When they clean water with calcium chloride crystals, then that is not only going to clog up the pipes but will cause cancer as well.

Disease caused by tap water

  • Diarrhea
  • Gastrointestinal Disease
  • Anemia
  • Increases Cancer Risk
  • Bone Disease

These are all in an inorganic state which will cause cancer and affect your kidney and liver. These are some of the causes of our groundwater is polluted with, with what they call pesticides and herbicides and there is already a pubic concern. That means even our spring water is contaminated. And this is the reason why they are now testing it before use. They had to replace this city underground pipe because it has been clogged up with calcium and magnesium.

These pipes are probably a hundred or more years old. And we should have a mandatory rule of changing these pipe every 3 or 5 years as other countries do for their cities.


City Treatment Centers

Now let’s talk about our water suppliers’ underground pipes. If you look at the awful picture of that underground city pipe looks like. You can tell it is full of calcium, magnesium and all the metals I have mentioned above. These pipes are supposed to be replaced at least every 3 years in most countries. Is our city doing the same thing for us? I have done my own research and these pipes can be as much as one hundred or more years old. They only replace these kinds of pipes when they are clogged up as you can see. How would they know when to replace them?

When the streets start overflowing with sewage which is unsanitary for the surface ground and contaminates it. With diseases like Hepatitis C. and Gastroenteritis amongst others, I have not mentioned. One I am especially concerned with was E-coli that is running right back to our faucets. The chlorine and chemicals may kill some bacteria but not E-coli. It, of course, is sewage-related wastewater. That causes cancer as well.

This is not good at all. Who wants to drink tap water after they found out it comes from the sewage? Like I said they only clean it enough to be drinkable. I don’t think it is drinkable to me. That is nasty! I can see and understand why the astronauts must drink their filtered urine. But this is ridiculous. We are not in space. This only because the city is to cheap to have anything that will cause them thousands of dollars to build reverse osmosis systems large enough to filter the cities water.

When you invest in a Home water purifier not only will it produce pure alkaline water. It will also save you hundreds of bottle water money back into your pocket. How much does an average person pay for bottled water a week or month? That you can put back into your pocket because my systems are affordable. Not other systems that cause thousands to install in your home. I ought to know I worked for a company that sold only 4 stage filters for 2500 dollars. That is why I went into business for myself to help others afford 5 stage filters and they only run like from 60 to maybe a couple of hundred dollars more or less. It depends on which ones you want to choose from.



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